The largest baby brand in all of Europe, Chicco is part of the global Artsana Group, a holistic, innovative lifestyle company that encompasses everything you need to care for all generations of a family, from baby feeding systems to cosmetics to medical supplies.

For more than 50 years, Chicco has stood for excellence. Named for founder Pietro Catelli’s firstborn son Enrico, the Chicco brand (pronounced “kee-ko”) has remained a core brand of the Artsana Group, which not only produces baby products, but also high-quality hypodermic needles, thermometers, and syringes. Pietro Catelli’s passion for personal wellness drove him to expand his company to offer a breadth of baby care products that enhance and support the pleasure of raising children from pregnancy to preschool. Chicco is now in more than 120 countries over six continents.

Brand Values

Emotional Intelligence
Working in harmony with parents. Chicco listens to the needs and emotions of parents and children.

Professionalism and Expertise
The right solution guaranteed. Chicco guarantees that its products are safe, reliable and meet high-quality standards. It continues to build on its expertise through its Baby Research Center.

Innovation and Contemporaneity
Constantly evolving. Chicco is backed by a strong sense of tradition, yet is constantly looking towards the future to research the most technologically advanced solutions to respond to the needs of parents and children.

Light-heartedness and transparency
Always with a smile. Chicco belives that being a parent is by very definition a happy and positive experience. Its products are simple and is ultimate in user-friendliness.

Chicco’s Way

A Unique Passion.
We immerse ourselves in a child’s world every single day.
We put passion and dedication into everything we do in order to give mothers extra little moments of serenity in their hectic everyday lives.
We communicate this approach through our values, our personality, and our unique way of expressing it, which we call “Chicco’s Way”.

Working in harmony with parents
We listen to the needs and emotions of parents and children. We understand them, we make the our own, and we have made it our mission to provide the best solutions for them.
We know how and when to be there for them, working together in perfect harmony but without ever taking their place.
This is what we call: Emotional Intelligence.

The right solution guaranteed
We take what we do extremely seriously.
We take care to ensure that our products are safe, reliable and meet high quality standards.
We have over 50 years’ experience in the world of baby care and we continue to build on this expertise through our work at the Chicco Baby Research Center.
This is what we call: Professionalism and Expertise.

Constantly evolving
We are backed by a song sense of tradition, yet our team is constantly looking towards the future to research the most technologically advanced solutions to respond to the needs of parents and children, both now and in the future.
This is what we call: Innovation and Contemporaneity.

Always with a smile
Taking care of a child is serious business.
We know this but think that it is equally important to relax every now and then.
Because the experience of being a parent is by very definition a happy and positive one too.
Our products are simple and straightforward—it is instantly recognizable what they are. They are the ultimate in user-friendliness.
The language we use is also designed to be plain-speaking yet raise a smile at the same time.
This is what we call: Light-heartedness and Transparency.

Osservatorio Chicco

Chicco takes the happiness of a baby seriously. That’s why the Osservatorio Chicco exists, the research center committed to gaining as much knowledge as possible on the world of children and their physical, social, and emotional needs—what makes him happy when they sleep, eat, and play. By doing this, Chicco can create products that feed their needs and desires.

Chicco works with the experts in the medical and scientific world, the associations and the institutions active in the world of childhood to ensure each new product is developed in accordance with the latest and best research.

With a strong belief that every product must be tried and tested in the field as well as the lab, the Osservatorio Chicco employs a special collaboration, the help from parents, who are the most careful observers of the needs of their little ones, an endless source of experiences and precious tips. Drawing on the expertise of parents as well as child educators, Chicco developers blend real-world knowledge with cutting-edge research, discovering the most ideal color of a toy, the perfect shape of a nipple, the best ergonomics of a stroller, or the definitive safety of a baby seat.

Customer Service

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