By George, She Did It!

Georgina Wilson tackles motherhood with reliable partner from Italy:
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Georgina “George” Wilson has one of the most recognizable faces, having endorsed some of the best global brands — but there was a time when she didn’t want to enter modelling or the world of Philippine entertainment. She was poised to join the corporate world in London after earning a degree in accounting and finance, when her family members encouraged her to try out modelling first. She fell in love with it, and soon she began to receive projects one after the other. Now, millions of her fans consider the host of 2015 Asia’s Next Top Model as one of the most influential style icons of the decade.

Jetsetting Mom, Jetsetter Baby

Georgina is no stranger to travelling, having grown up in four different continents before her family settled in Manila when she was 10. And her work takes her to different parts of the globe. As such, she considers herself a bit of an expert now when it comes to travelling, and the best part for her is when she is able to bring her son Archie along.
“Archie has been to lots of countries already. When he was 3 weeks old, we brought him to England and since then he has been traveling! Every week he has a flight. He has been to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, Queenstown, Tokyo, L.A., Paris, Copenhagen… and I think I’m missing some more. But at his age, that’s a lot of places to have been to. In the Philippines, he’s been to Siargao, and Palawan,” she shares.

Motherhood Brings Her Balance

Before she gave birth to Archie, Georgina worked out a lot and even did prenatal Pilates, which helped her avoid back pains usually associated with pregnancy. “I’m really proud of that, but the next time—if I get pregnant again—I will do a lot more swimming, too. I wish I did, but I only found out I was pregnant four months into it, so my pregnancy flew by so fast,” she adds with a laugh.

Georgina’s Top Picks

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